Play sessions for autistic and ADHD children

All Aboard Club runs play sessions for autistic and ADHD children, where they can build their confidence, develop their social skills and just be themselves.

We provide a safe, understanding and inclusive environment for the children to enjoy their trains.

The children are in charge. They can run trains around the track, or build their own track. They can choose from boxes and boxes of trains, track, tunnels and bridges. We usually have some

Parents are often surprised by how relaxed, focused and calm their children are during our 2-hour play sessions

We understand

All our staff have lived experience of autism and ADHD and have professional experience with SEN children. We have designed our child-led play sessions to reduce the children’s sensory and social challenges, and allow them to play together.

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Frequently asked questions

Who can come?
We welcome autistic and ADHD children of any age, whether they have a formal diagnosis or not. You don’t need an invitation or a referral. Just book your tickets and come along. Most of the children at our events are aged between 4 and 11, but we also have older children who enjoy their trains.
Where do you run your play sessions?
We run play sessions in community/church halls, schools, and museums – anywhere with a large room. We have exclusive use of the venue, and ensure that sensory challenges are minimised as much as possible.
My child has sensory issues. Is this a problem?
All Aboard Club is run by autism and ADHD professionals who completely understand the children’s sensory issues. We try to keep the noise levels as low as possible, and reduce other sensory challenges as much as possible.
Do we have to arrive at the start of the session?
No, you can come at any time you like. We know how difficult it can be to get out of the house, so please don’t rush.
My child is very anxious. Can we leave early if necessary?
My child is very anxious. Can we leave early if necessary?
Yes, of course. Some children come for just 20 minutes, others stay for the full 2 hours. Whatever suits you best.
Some autistic and ADHD children flap their hands or makes noises (stimming). Will this upset the other children?
We totally understand children’s need to stim. It shows that they are excited or trying to focus. The other children and parents at our play sessions also understand this, and will be very accepting and supportive.